The Museum of Lost Things

STATUS: Completed - Festival Circuit 

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WINNER: Best Story - Long Island International Film Expo

WINNER: Best Supporting Actor (Ricardy Fabre) - Madrid International Film Festival

WINNER: Honorable Mention Award- Global Shorts Film Festival

The Museum of Lost Things follows our protagonist, an aging New York writer, who stumbles upon a museum that he's never noticed before.  Upon stepping inside, he enters a strange world--a museum that is seemingly designed for him alone, where he discovers in each room pieces of his forgotten past, with everything from his lost umbrellas to his lost hair and lost friends and lost love on display.  His is a mysterious, surreal journey that takes him down a sort of Alice-in-Wonderland-like rabbit-hole, and as he goes deeper and deeper into the museum, wandering through a labyrinth of his own personal history, things get "curiouser and curiouser." 

Mishigas Films in association with G&E Productions and The Majors Productions

Directed and Written by: Gregory Cioffi 

Based on the Short Story by: Dennis Pahl 


Museum Visitor: Steve Platt

 Museum Guard: Ricardy Fabre

 Waitress in the Diner: Marissa Perry

 Ticket Seller: Faye Nightingale

P: Dan Capalbo

 X: Emily Dinova

Husband of X: Gregory Cioffi

Reviews: The Pioneer, Blog Talk Radio


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