We are Renaissance Artists. 

What does that mean exactly? To put it simply, we belong in no box. We are actors. We are writers. We are directors. We are producers. We are what we believe the 21st century needs – a revitalization of professionals who are immersed in all mediums and forms of art. 

We are not interested in creating more of the same. Instead, we welcome the ever-changing craft of artistry and the new movements of expression that are created when diverse art forms influence and merge with one another.  

G&E Productions is founded on creating edgy, intelligent, unique new works. We embrace collaboration and are constantly pushing boundaries. We embrace the differences between individuals and their distinct perspectives. And most of all we embrace the truth that art, in any form, is a vehicle for social understanding and change. And change is what we plan to produce.

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Emily Dinova


Emily Ann Banks

Production Manager, Movement Coach 

Gregory Cioffi


Lauren Foster

Marketing Analyst, Social Media and Event Coordinator