Transit: A New York City Fairy Tale

STATUS: Post-Production 

Transit: A New York City Fairytale is a tale of love, compassion, acceptance, and perseverance. Its premise is simple: a young man falls for a captivating woman and they embark on a passionate journey together - until, months into their relationship, she reveals that she is transgender. Struggling with feelings and questions that accompany a situation such as this, TRANSIT asks: can we overcome our conditioned notions of normalcy? 

Directed by: Emily Dinova 

Cast: Pooya Mohseni, Gregory Cioffi



-187% funded through Kickstarter. The fundraising video stirred up debates and discussions on social media regarding its subject matter with one post alone reaching 10,000 people!

-Emily (Director) headed a promotional campaign for the film at the 2019 Pride Parade in NYC.

-We are so thrilled to announce that Transit : A New York City Fairytale has wrapped filming!
 It was an incredible few days of shooting as our cast and crew put in 1000% dedication and hard work. (See below for a couple behind the scenes photos)

-The team is now headed into post-production for color correction, editing, sound design and musical score. Keep an eye out for behind the scenes footage, teaser trailers and updates.


Leading Actors (Pooya Mohseni and Gregory Cioffi) getting ready for a take as Cinematographer (Guillermo Cameo) and First Assistant Camera (James McKenzie) set up the shot. 2nd Assistant Camera (Ian Boswell) ready to slate. On location at the glorious Belvedere Castle in Central Park, NYC


Director (Emily Dinova) Assistant Director (Sarah E. Taylor) Cinematographer (Guillermo Cameo) 1st Camera Assistant (James McKenzie) and Michael Sampler (Steadicam Operator) on location in the West Village, NYC


Lead Actor, Gregory Cioffi getting ready for a take on location in Hoboken, NJ


Lead Actress, Pooya Mohseni, on set and ready to film, Hoboken NJ


Second AC (Ian Boswell) ready with the slate for a take