We're great, but don't take our word for it...

Ever since meeting them in the audition room for Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding I could see [Greg and Emily] were both very dynamic and devoted individuals, who have a tremendous amount of respect for their craft. Not only did they do a fantastic job with improvisation and team work, with their fellow actors in Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, but they have shown flexibility in having played other roles. Sometimes with very little notice. But more importantly, what I have also learned about Emily and Greg, since the end of Tony n’ Tina’s run, is not only them as actors…… but that they also have vast writing and directing talents, as proven by the work they continue to put out. This is a powerful couple determined and destined to do great things. I have nothing but praises for these two young artists and would be glad to speak to anyone who is seeking more information.

- Joe Corcoran: Theatrical Producer, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, Co-Founder of TheaterMania.com

The production team of Cioffi/Dinova is among the best I’ve ever engaged. Professional, courteous, and organized, they are able to manage the most challenging of circumstances with ease. I know I can put my trust in them to do an exceptional job every time.

- Teri Kocyigit: President and CEO of Broadway Pops International, Broadway Actress & Producer

Emily Dinova and Greg Cioffi exemplify work ethic, skill and dedication to their many crafts in the entertainment industry. They both possess devastating talent in their writing, producing and acting which has translated into successful and entertaining productions both in theatre and film. Prediction: Hollywood will soon be referring this power partnership as Gremily!


-Tony Lauria: Director of Tony n Tina’s Wedding (National Tour & Times Square Production), Spottiswoode & His Enemies

"Emily Dinova's plays are like the woman herself - ruthlessly honest and brimming with wit and originality. Paired with the fearless filmmaking of actor/writer/director Gregory Ciofi, they make a truly dynamic duo."

                  -Bruce Scivally: An internationally recognized authority on pop culture, a writer, filmmaker, lecturer and teacher. 


"I've worked with Emily and Greg on a few productions and they are truly a pleasure to work with. They are collaborative, reliable, honest, focused and utterly creative. They will help to conceptualize how to best tell the most compelling story and are responsive to suggestions. I highly recommend working with their team."

                          - Drew Anthony Allen: SAG-AFTRA actor. 


"I really appreciate when I get to work with G&E Productions because the work they write and produce is always thought-provoking and artistic. There are handfuls of artists in the vastness of the entertainment world who stand out because their work goes beyond the usual boundaries and touch us on a much deeper human level. Artists who use their craft to explore those elements of being human that many of us hide away from each other and sometimes even from ourselves. G&E bravely expose these elements in profound and visually stunning ways. Their work is stimulating on both and emotional and intellectual level because of their ability to infuse genres and styles that are not conventionally associated with each other. G&E productions simply stated makes art out of our lives. Unique, original and dramatic."

                             - Dan Capalbo: Actor/Director/Professor of Theatre

"This talented team of Emily Dinova and Gregory Cioffi approaches challenging topics with unique perspectives and sophisticated writing. Although addressing difficult topics can leave audiences worn, their work instead inspires thoughtful conversations and new insights. An exciting duo to carry on the best of New York independent theatre."

                          - Albert Baker: Artistic Director 


"I had the absolute pleasure of performing in Emily Dinova's original play, Capture, directed by Greg Cioffi in early 2016. As a veteran of the business, I've had creative relationships both good and bad, and I say without reservation that my experience working with these two driven, genuine, and remarkable artists is one of the most fulfilling I've had, from the audition room to the final performance. Emily's open and raw sensibilities are what real art is made of, she has an acute instinct for dancing the line between humor and pathos that is rare indeed. Greg's deep and complex well of intuition makes for hard-hitting, evocative, and nuanced work. His ability to inspire in a cast absolute confidence for his vision while remaining open to collaboration is incredibly effective. I cannot wait to see what's in store for them both".

                          - Hank Morris: Actress

"I have had the pleasure of working with Greg Cioffi, and Emily Dinova, on several occasions. Most recently in a production of Tony ’n Tina’s Wedding in Chandler, Arizona, for a two week production. I cannot speak more highly, of this motivated, talented, bright, and dynamic, duo. I mention Arizona, because not only did we work together, but lived in the same house, where I found them to be courteous of those around them, kind, friendly, and frankly, fun, to be around! If you are looking for a production team for your project, I give them my highest recommendation, both as artists, and as producers.

                        - Anthony Patellis: Actor/Director/Writer/Producer


"I have worked with Emily and Greg professionally on both a play and a movie that they wrote, acted in, and directed. I am a printmaker, and an illustrator, and they used a lot of my artwork to enhance the mood of the play by using it as backdrops, and they also used one of my pieces on the poster. Both Emily and Greg are high end professionals who are flexibly creative and talented. It was really a pleasure and a creative learning experience for me to work with them, and I would be happy to do it again if the opportunity came up again. They are both real pros!"

                          -Bruce Waldman: Illustrator & professional printmaker, co-founder & art director of Carrier Pigeon Magazine

"I’m glad to hear Greg Cioffi and Emily Dinova have started their own production (“G&E”). No two people are better suited to produce films and theater pieces than they are. They know about their business inside and out. One of the best, most versatile young actors around—with roles in theater productions of Shakespeare and in many short films—Greg is also a wonderful writer of short fiction and dramatic work, and his screenplays for films have had success in film festivals in and around New York. These accomplishments, along with his proving himself an able director in both media, make him a perfect fit for anyone wanting to get his or her works produced. Any writers or directors looking for someone to interpret their work will find in Greg someone who listens carefully and absorbs ideas and who knows how to bring those ideas to life. He understands writers because he is one, and a damn good one at that, with a flair for fantasy and for creating strong images and believable dialogue. As a director, I’ve seen how he gets the best performances from his actors, with the gentlest of touches and a sensitivity to details that give film and theater productions the extra substance, as well as the extra nuances, everyone is looking for. What better partner for Greg than Emily Dinova? Her insight into theatre and film production perfectly complement Greg’s own talents. Like Greg, she emanates with warmth and her spirit of generosity makes her a pleasure to work with. She is sure to nurture any project into being with her tender touch, her good humor, as well as with her rigorous attention to details. Any dramatist searching for a kindred soul will find one in Emily, whose knowledge of theater is profound. A first-rate playwright, she is one of the finest young talents on the New York scene, and her hard-edged, innovative, startlingly good, indeed transcendent play Capture, performed off Broadway and in London, is testimony itself to her understanding of all aspects of drama. As a talented film actress with great energy and enthusiasm, an actress who has played various roles, and who has lots of theatrical range, she knows acting and understands actors and can motivate them into giving the finest of performances. She and her partner Greg are a production team made in heaven, and those looking for a company to care about their project, and take it on with personal care and professional knowledge will find such qualities in “G and E.”

                        - Dennis Pahl: Filmmaker & English Professor at LIU 

“As an actor, the usage of my time and energy is incredibly precious to me. Greg and Emily (who I consider kindred spirits) are artists who understand the value of that contribution. The environment I experience while working with them is always filled with a combination of ease, a fluidity to explore, and first and foremost: professionalism.”

- Nick Imperato, Actor

“G & E productions enshrine the two best qualities of artistic talent in New York City: hustle and respect. Their hustle comes from their non stop pursuit in telling excellent new stories across multiple mediums. Stage, screen...heck, even radio if you count podcasts. Their respect shines in how they treat their audiences, actors and technicians. You're never just another face if you come to them. Rather you're a respected member of their artistic dialogue. If you're an artist or designer: work with them. If you're an audience member: see their work. G&E brings excellence on all artistic fronts.”

-Michael Coyne, Improv Artist

“PASSION is modus operandi at G&E PRODUCTIONS and the future's wide open for this amazing company. Fueled by talent, creativity, and vision. I can't wait to see what comes next from this multi-dimensional team.”

-Bradley Martocello, Actor/Writer

“I've collaborated with Greg and Emily twice now and they've both been wonderful experiences. They are two of the hardest working people that I've met and they shine with positivity and an excitement to work. This creates a fantastic environment for the artists that they bring in and I look forward to seeing what they do in the future.”

-Marie O’Toole, Actress